The Road to Retirement

Leslie Tremaine

Where to start? I started thinking about retiring years ago– reading books on how people made the transition, talking to people who were already over that threshold, fantasizing about what new and creative things I’d do , and of course obsessing about money and how to make all the nitty gritty logistics work out. My early plans were to leave a pretty big job I had and get into one that was much simpler, as a way to ease my way into actual retirement. I can still remember the dinner I had with a number of colleagues who told me how smart I was and talking about their own fantasies of downshifting .
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Segue to Retirement

Judie Block with dog photoJudie Block

Today is Jan. 10 and I am into retirement mode almost 6 1/2 months….it is quite a new beginning.

I feel like I am standing in front of a huge smorgasbord of activities, similar to the grand buffet at the Palace Hotel in SF in the 1950’s adorned with many fine delicacies of gourmet delights. I remember the dessert table so well with whipped cream in many colors and shapes added to mini cakes and pastries. so many choices..then it was food; now it is life…the rest of my life. Continue reading