Lew and Judith – Our Retirement Works

Lew and Judith Feinman

We were married in New York in 1956 and moved to South Florida where Lew was a registered pharmacist, buying into a partnership that eventually owned four drug stores

Judith was a stay at home mom raising two children when Lew came home one day and suggested that they take real estate classes and try their hands at real estate sales.small Judith Feinman Photo

Lew Feinman PhotoLew:  The pharmacies were doing well but the insurance industry and their “third party pay” programs made it difficult for the drug stores to receive timely payments from them.  It was time for a change for me and a way to get out of being a partner in the drug stores.

Judith:  I had never sold anything in my life but I was ready to try. We got our licenses and proceeded to do well enough financially that Lew was able to sell his share of the drug stores and go full time into selling real estate with me.

Lew:    Judy and I hung our licenses in Coconut Grove Realty. We worked as a team listing and selling properties.

Judith:  I learned a great deal about myself and found sales challenging and exciting. Happily we caught a rising real estate market. Continue reading