Keys to the Kingdom

Donna Love 

Retirement? Old age? Advanced years?  A Senior? A Crone?DonnaLovePhoto

I have a sister-in-law who at age 85 took a round-the-world cruise. As she entered the boarding area, she saw long lines of passengers snaking around to the clerks. Over to one side a small group of people entered a different gate. She joined that one. When it was her turn, she stepped up, lay her umbrella on the counter and said, “I am traveling steerage, but now that I am nearer 90, I don’t stand in lines. Can you help me?”  It worked. She was escorted on board as though she were traveling first class. Continue reading


Maurice Ezran

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Je suis un ingénieur, de nationalité Française. J’ai fait toutes mes études universitaires à l’école d’Ingenieurs de Nancy en Lorraine. Apres avoir obtenu mon diplome d’ Ingenieur, j’ai preparé un Doctorat en Sciences, (l’equivalent du Phd americain) à la Sorbonne à Paris.

Maurice Ezran, French Engineer and Author

Maurice Ezran, French Engineer and Author

Toute ma carriere d’Ingenieur a été consacrée à l’industrie pétrolière. J’ai travaillé dans une Société de Services (Service Compagny) aux grandes compagnies petrolières. Elle était spécialisée en Géophysique,  science indispensable pour la recherche et la découverte des gisements de pétrole sous terre. Continue reading

My Video Memories

Doree Steinmann, BS, MA After graduation from Syracuse as a Radio major in their School of Speech, College of Liberal Arts (because my parents didn’t want me to be an Actress and go “on the Wicked Stage”), I got married as so many of my friends did, and had four daughters.

Doree Steinmann

Doree Steinmann

My paid jobs in New York City during my summer vacations from college had been as a Page and then the first TV receptionist for CBS Television at their Grand Central Station Studios and another summer as a Radio Estimator at Young and Rubicam Advertising Agency. So working on Radio for free on the air as the Storybook Lady in Rochester, New York while i was pregnant was the real start of my career.  I rewrote fairy tales or wrote some original stories, sat at the piano for my musical backgrounds and sound effects, looked at my script as i took all the parts myself, changing my voice for each character.  This led to doing this for KVIE, the PBS TV outlet in Sacramento after my husband and all of us were transferred to California.  However for TV, now  children could see me with a castle, magic wand and storybook reading the stories and changing my voice.  Not as good as radio! Continue reading